February - (re)start loving. Until next February. And so on…


We all wonder what love is, but sometimes we forget to live it without wondering what it is.

Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, everywhere I went I found hearts, hearts of all sizes.

Whether it was in the shade of wood in the water, whether it was on a wall drawn like graffiti, whether it was penciled in the bus station, whether it was on a billboard, or it was a leaf, or it was a cloud, whether they were flower petals on the street ...

Love’s symbol was everywhere. It was like something called me, to take more pictures around town. So I did. I took tons of pictures. A part of them you can find on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

The concept of offering a postcard is very dear to me. I believe it can make a person’s day better, brighter. A postcard can bring people together, believe it or not.  There are messages transmitted from heart to heart, messages that remain not only there, on paper, but in our memory.

So, if you want to send your appreciation, affection, respect, why not love, to someone dear, you can order a set of unconventional postcards.

The special editionfor Valentine's Day, or any other lovely day of the year,  includes a set of 4 cards, from the streets, walls, and sky of London and Amsterdam.  

Stay tuned, more products will be uploaded soon.

Thanks for being here and sharing this with your friends and family.