START! The day has arrived

Wow! Here it is! An online shop where I can share with others my soul project: showing my urban photos through postcards. 

Looking back at the first Instagram posts, it all started on a personal account where I started sharing my ''big city life'' in London. The first post, on the 12th of April 2014, was after a visit to my dentist. Last things to arrange before I would leave my home country, one month later. Little did I know at that time… 


Amazed by the beauty of the city of London, I was always taking photos here and there. Until a certain moment, when multiple friends told me: ''Hey! Why don't you do something with your photos?'' 

It took me almost one year to change this account’s name to the official One Urban Love. And it stayed like that. The ‘’Zero Edition’’, 36 postcards, was presented to a little fair in London and one in Amsterdam. 


Life happened, and here we are, at the end of 2020, showing the first 3 sets of urban postcards. More products will be presented.

Hopefully, I can help you make someone's day with a little gesture, by sending a postcard.

Immensely thankful for each person who was there from moment one (the list is long, will thank them in person). My special thanks will go to my friend Amanda Marocko, who helped me in creating this online shop. 

START! Let’s go!