Women’s Day is every day!

Hello you!   

Celebrate your power and beauty every single day. 

I’d like to share with you two very dear poems that I wrote last year.

Remember, we are all unique, and we should love ourselves as we are. 

Embrace the diversity around you, be curious, be kind to yourself and to others.

Next to the poems, enjoy the photo gallery that I put together with very dear

graffiti that I found around the world. (find the full gallery at the bottom of the blog post)

   Dove girl - by Studio Giftig   - Amsterdam 2020

Story - I am the one who by I’m Victoria

I am the one who managed to build herself, to gather her values,

to become aware of them.

I am the one who accepts the challenges and still takes care of herself. 

I am the one who has a few and dear friends, but she has a lot of different people around her.

I am the one who is free, who moves the mountains, who loves, who wants to be loved, who is loved.

I am the one who is beautiful as she is, the one who accepts herself as she is but who works every day for a better version of herself. 

I am the one who loves herself more than anything and anyone. 

I am the one who will drink a glass of red wine today, without feeling guilty.

I am the one who dances from the heart, the one who dreams of good moments, the one who still lives here and now.

I, I, I am the one who is happy for what I am and what I have.

I'm a GOOD wo-(hu)-man.

   Great expectations by Btoy - Amsterdam 2017

He wrote her a love letter by I’m Victoria

My darling,

You are. Thank you for being.

That you are here so I can dance, so I can hug you.

You are. Thank you for being.

That you are here, as you are, with all your perfections and imperfections.

I am. Thank you for being.

That I'm here to dance, to hug you.

I am. Thank you for being.

That I am allowed to be here, as I am, with all my perfections and imperfections.


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