When we met, I told him with unspoken words:

‘’My name is Circus. Nice to meet you.’’

Little did I know I will hear from him again. 


He called me "circus".

I just adored it.

At first, he seemed so confident on

taking up this colorful piece of 



‘’Roller coaster with me baby…’’ I laughed and took his hand.

‘’With you life is a big surprise’’ he smiled and kissed my hair.


Let's spin in weird dances. 

Let’s vibrate in something we’ll call our music. 

Let's fire up the coldness after busy days. 

Let's improvise when we loose the rhythm. 

Let’s walk on the tightrope of love without fear.

Let's be in pink or blue or yellow joy. 

Let's live in suspense, as watching a magician.

Let's create fireworks from microscopic things. 

Let laugh every minute of our time together. 

Let's kiss until we lose count. 

Let's breathe the foggy smell of morning coffee. 

Let's eat with our hands all sort of new and delicious foods.

Let's tickle each other without shame.

Let’s be gentle with one another. 

Let's hold hands like acrobats on the trapeze. 

Let's light up candles before magical acts happen. 

Let's create stories to be taught to the world. 

Let's undress the inhibitions of the world. 

Let's make others jealous of how real we are together.

Let’s jump on the trampoline of Adventures.


‘’Are you in?’’ I asked him shyly.

‘’Yes, I was in since the minute I decided to search for you.’’ 

‘’Undress me of the worldly masks. Take me as I am’’ I said smiling.


Very soon, the confidence faded away.

They both got scared.

He got frightened that she might take his freedom.

She was afraid she'll not be loved as she deserves.

Goodbye Circus.

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