Raspberries, a joint and some chocolate

And some memories.

Of our strange love.

Two candles,

with their warm flames,

that can burn even

my salty tears.

I hear the circus song,

That one with the pear.

I grit my teeth

Like I don't know what.

I see tears flowing

On my cheeks.

I hear the tram passing.

A tram leading,

people from there to there.

I feel tears on my cheek

How they flow 

For this unfulfilled love.

This circus song

Ah, I love and hate it

at the same time.

Our playground

is no more here.

Just tears,

and time.

The need of time.

I put some raspberries in the glass

maybe, maybe they will color the situation.

Raspberries are good and healthy

but they don't take away the longing 

of our time together.

I miss us.

Prince Charming,

today, this joint

that keeps me company ...

Not even this will replace you.

Prince Charming,

Today, my friends who are around,

They can't replace you.


Prince Charming,

I'm here.

Literally at the window of a castle.

Yeah, as cheesy as it sounds

I am here, in a fucking castle,

waiting for you.

And you're not here. 

Nowhere to be found... 

This letter is from the heart.

The mind would say something else.

The mind knows, all kinds of stories,

Like, "It's okay to suffer blablabla."

And that "it's better this way."

I would say it's better this way, 


But what the hell do we do with this longing?

With this mourning?

With this pain?

That was the space dedicated to you,

Prince Charming!

With white and yellow flowers,

With all sorts of moments,


Raspberries and chocolate.

How are you today?

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